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Our Story

Hi, my name is Anushray Singh. I am an Indian filmmaker and media professional.

I am one of the millions of young Indian millennials who yearned to find a platform or an outlet to channel one's innate creativity. Like millions of confused young people, I went on to study engineering. I have realized many things in my personal journey, but realized the lack of seriousness given to creative professions in India & as well as across many fellow South Asian as well as broader Asian nations too. I have always felt swimming in an upstream trying to be a filmmaker, media artist and writer in a worldly current that often celebrates and reveres Indian & South Asian origin artists, but never encourages to become one. I have felt a serious lack of platform that encourages. nurtures, facilitates and perpetuates Indian and South Asian creative culture. We are a billion strong people, with the largest number of young people anywhere in the world. I find it odd to believe that all of us are just fit to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants of the world. No knock on them! But to become any of these, the path is well-laid down, encouragement is meted out & even failures acknowledged. Why can't we do the same for someone who wants to become a painter or a filmmaker or a  photographer... musician..sculptor and any other creative professions!? So long story short, The Young Creative Indian Space is a digital media platform made to promote young Indian and South Asian talents around the globe. We are here to create an environment which can facilitate creative collaborations, community building, positive apprenticeship modules, artist promotion, educational opportunities, artist led marketplace and eventually become a pivotal space to help young artists and creative find inspiration in doing what they love doing. we believe in making both passion & commerce a viable option for young indian creatives of the world. 

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